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About GLP
Great Lakes Parts was started in 1981 by Bill and Mary Lou Melchior. Originally located in the downtown area of Cleveland, Great Lakes Parts is now located in a suburb south of the city. Over the years the product line has taken many turns to end up where it is today. Starting primarily with Structural Nuts & Bolts, Standard Threaded Fasteners and some Wheel Attaching Parts, Great Lakes Parts shifted almost exclusively to Wheel Attaching Parts. Along the way adding new items that would compliment this line. The new product lines include - Sockets & Hand Tools, Hubodometers, Wheel Guards & Spacers, Oil Seal Hubcaps, Drive Flange Gaskets, Tire Pressure Gauges, Air Chucks, Valve Cores & Tools, Valve Caps, Tire Balancing Beads, Trailer King Pins, Rim Clamps and Brake Drum Bolts. 
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